Direct bus line to Shkoder and Tirana
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About Us

Old Town Travel LTD is the only company that organizes direct DAILY bus-line to Shkoder and Tirana in Albania from Kotor, Budva and Podgorica.
During our long time experience in transporting  guests, and following their needs and inquires we have come to found a unique bus-line that helps many travelers to reach their destination toward Southern countries starting from Albania fast and comfortable.
Current traffic situation is very confusing and unadjusted, hence it is almost impossible to manage your trip to Tirana without good bus connection and timetable you can rely on.
You would have to switch several lines without being sure of its exact departure time. And if you still succeed to manage all that, combine it with waiting in-between buses - it will take your whole day to arrive.
Therefore, we have establisheda fixed daily, fast and direct public bus-line to Shkoder and Tirana.
Our main goal is to increase the number of people who travel by this bus-line, which we found as easiest and fastest way to reach Tirana from Kotor and vice versa.
We believe that the key factors for achieving this are the following:
Bus travelling has to be easy for the passengers
Routes have to be adapted to passengers' needs
Bus travelling has to be cheaper than other means of transport
We are delighted to be at your service!